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Evangelism & School of Evangelism

Intro to the Evangelism Library

Below here you can find some of the books we've been using during our SOE's. Not all of them are specifically about evangelism, but are really great reads if you want to know more how tackle the world in a new and refreshing way with the gospel. You can find links to the books as well as some description about them. Be free to add more, if you see some really great books missing!

From YWAM Books

You can start anywhere with evangelism. But where do you end up without a strategy? This book gives you one very practical & flexible example! Sow, Reap & Keep!

     ISBN 1856840522, Book Link

  • Living As People Of Hope by Jeff Fountain.

Europe has been shaped by Christianity in the past, so why not for the future as well!? Is there still hope? Yes, there is! Even the pope says so.. Let's dive in some history and experience what it is like in Europe today!

     ISBN 9074319505, Book Link, Web Link

Other Resources




  • Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig. Bio, Book Link
  • God On Mute by Pete Greig. Book Link
  • Winning The Prayer War? by Kjell Sjoberg.


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