Book: When the Spirit comes with Power

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When the Spirit comes with Power
By: John White
Website: Wikipedia - John White
ISBN 0830812229

Bookshelf Discovery

It happens often that when I come into a new place that I have to scan what is on the bookshelves. That is how I found this book. I had heard about John White before and already got a book from him called Eros Redeemed, which deals with sexual issues. The title stirred my interest immediately. So I decided to take it along, read it and bring it back as soon as I come back to this place on my next visit.

John White is a British Canadian Psychiatrist and a member of Vineyard Church. His profession combined with his church background makes this book a great and insightful experience to read. It connects very well with my own traditional church experience. Without taking away all the crazy things that happen when the Holy Spirit comes down with power.

The Spirit Uncontrolled

Subjects like being shaken by the Holy Spirit, falling to the ground, endless crying or laughing, healings, prophecy and encounters with demons, are all extensively covered in this book. A lot of mess, noise and drama will happen when the Holy Spirit comes, it is amazing to read that He does so with gentleness.

A whole account is giving of how the Holy Spirit worked through the ages, it didn't stop at Pentecost. During the earlier revivals of Wesley, Whitefield and others, a lot of accounts are given of people experiencing all these things that the Holy Spirit is pouring out even today. In the last part of the book, John White is sharing a couple of stories from recent days. A special account is given of John Wimber and the Vineyard movement. Amazing to read that he turned 180 degrees from not believing in the Holy Spirit to becoming part of a movement that totally revived the work of the Spirit.

Come Holy Spirit

Although John White already passed away (2003) his books stay very relevant. His insight is amazing. Like Luke in scripture, he gives a good and orderly account of what the Holy Spirit does. For me it has been a great joy to read what a generation before my own experienced and to see that coming back into what is happening today. It gives me the reassurance to keep seeking, praying and asking for the Holy Spirit to come in my life, in the lives of people around me, in the Church, in YWAM and the people I meet who never encountered Him before.

Holy Spirit come. Come with power.