Book: There's a sheep in my Bathtub

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There's a sheep in my bathtub
By: Brian Hogan
ISBN 0979905605

There's a sheep in my Bathtub is about the life and work of the Hogan family in post-Communist Mongolia, which primarily revolves around their Church Planting Movement. This book is packed with incredible stories, which are at times funny and insightful and others that will move you to tears.

I loved the stories the Hogans shared in this book. Their insight into a healthy church plant was incredibly helpful. It was also helpful to read about a family moving away from their home country and what their lives looked like and what their struggles were. Without giving away to much of the book the Hogan family also experience incredible devastation and they way they respond is nothing short of remarkable.

I would highly recommend this book to YWAMers working in Asia and those with a vision of planting churches and starting church planting movements.

Anonymous YWAMer