Book: The Year of Living Biblically

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The Year of Living Biblically
By: A.J. Jacobs
ISBN 0743291484

This seculair book is interesting in its humorous approach of Christianity and Judaism and other faiths. If you are person like A.J. who is Jewish by birth, but isn't much a believer and sees all these fanatics waving around with whatever religion they have, you start wondering. And so he did. That's how he came up with the idea to do something radical. Why not try it out for a year? What will it do with me?


The idea to read the Bible completely, wasn't much of a challenge. Some time before A.J. had already read a complete encyclopedia and wrote a book on that. So that's what he did. He read the Bible and even some other versions. This all inspired him to jot down all the rules in Bible, both New and Old Testament and try to live by them as literal as possible. That's how he started to grow a beard, which he was not allowed to cut. Started wearing one cloth, as it is said you can't mix different types of them. And he even herded some sheep.

Eyebrows got raised everywhere he went. He won quite some religious discussions, just because he got so much input from what he read that he could easily out talk them. And what would a YWAMer learn from this? Well.. many things. It gives you some new insight into Judaism, Bible bashing and all kinds of sects. Most important is that you learn to appreciate Gods word more. How important it is to read it and know it. To not take anything out of context and hit people with it. And of course, enjoy the humor. We are allowed to laugh, aren't we?

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