Book: Tattoos on the Heart

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Tattoos on the Heart
By: Gregory Boyle
ISBN 0979905605

For 20 years Gregory Boyle has run Homeboy industries, a gang-intervention program located in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. The story follows Gregory, a Jesuit priest, as he works at rehabbing gang members. The book is full of fun, moving and memorable stories from his time working with various gangs and gang members.

I really enjoyed this book and the way Gregory loves these men and women with the same love as Christ. The methods and model that Gregory sets are incredible for the rest of us to take into our lives as well. And again the stories in this book are really good and will impact your life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to work with inner-city ministry, community development, Business as mission, or people wanting to work specifically with gangs and gang members.

The book is very raw and honest so often times the book has coarse language.

Anonymous YWAMer

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