Book: Same Kind Of Different As Me

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Same Kind Of Different As Me
By: Ron Hall & Denver Moore
ISBN 084991910X

Books that are true stories are amazing to me, they pull me in and don’t let go. “Same kind of different as me” is a true story that pulled me in. The book is primarily about a homeless black man named Denver and a wealthy white couple, Ron and Deborah. The book details the upbringing of Denver and Ron as well as key stories that shaped both of them as people. Eventually Ron, Deborah and Denver’s paths cross and the book continues on telling their story from each side.

I don’t obviously want to give away too much of the book, but reading about Denver’s childhood was particularly interesting. He was raised in a family that worked on a cotton plantation and to see that their situation is no less then modern day slavery was a harsh reality. So often we hear of slavery as part of history or some other countries problem (like child sex trafficking), but to see how it still exists under a different disguise within America is something that needs to be brought more into the light. And this book does an incredible job of exposing this problem, putting names and faces to this issue will touch you more than any stats you could read on slavery or poverty.

Also, seeing the passionate lives of people who give themselves fully to serving others is incredible, as you find with Deborah. It’s refreshing to read about men and women of passion, because it in turn, stirs us. The dreams and things they (Ron and Deborah) do to serve the poor in their community is inspiring. Again, it’s a needed thing to read about passion and lives that reflect it, because it will push us in our own lives.

On a last note, Denver shows an incredible; depth, wisdom and love that shocked me. I guess I too wrote him off as being uneducated and not being able to contribute in certain ways because of that. But over and over he drops these amazing lines of wisdom and displays a radical love for those he’s loyal too. It was humbling to read.

I would encourage people who are interested in issues of social injustice, poverty, slavery or serving others to pick this book up and give it a read. Again, the fact that it’s a true story also gives the book a depth and personality that makes it hard to put down.

Anonymous YWAMer