Book: Questions You Can't Ask Your Mama About Sex

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Questions You Can't Ask Your Mama About Sex
By: Craig Gross and Mike Foster
Craig's Website:
ISBN 031025812X

"Mom. Can I ask you something?"

Uh.. but maybe not about this subject. To talk about sex with your parents is kind of weird, isn't it? Much easier to talk with your pals from school. Although they won't know everything either. Or what about the weird things you hear about oral sex or something.. Well, read this book. Craig and Mike, the founders of, first website that openly talks about sex in a Christian perspective, wrote it to get answers to some of the strangest questions. Like is oral sex okay? Do I lose my virginity with that? Is porn okay? Masturbation, is that okay? Well, I am not going to answer those questions, you better buy this book. It is not only sharing information on sex, it is also humorous. So enjoy.

By the way. God kills kittens when you masturbate... I am not sure where that message came from..

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