Book: Irresistible Revolution

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Irresistible Revolution
By: Shane Claiborne
Bio: On Wikipedia
ISBN 0310266300

I really enjoyed about 2/3’s of this book…. I love reading stories and I love reading about passionate people doing crazy awesome things. Irresistible Revolution brings those together in an amazing way.

The book is about Shane Claiborne, his beliefs, and what he does with those beliefs. It follows him from his High School and College days, to his trips to work with Mother Teresa as well as going to Iraq. Interspersed with his stories and his beliefs are examples of what the community he’s started (The Simple Way) is doing. I particularly enjoyed reading the stories of what they were doing in their community, because you could see real people meeting real needs in really creative ways.

It’s all too common that we see people who say one thing, but don’t live up to it. Shane really brings it with what he believes and what he does. It’s also cool to see how he’s inspired others to go on and pursue their dreams. Shane seems like a super chill kind of a guy that I could relate too and would enjoy spending time with.

The one thing about it that I didn’t enjoy about this book was that I felt like the author repeated himself way too much. Going over the same point became a bit draining. But that’s a small criticism of an overall amazing book. I would recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in; community development, social injustice, pacifism, or serving others.

Anonymous YWAMer

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