Book: Into the light

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Into the Light.jpg
Into the light
By: John Feaver
ISBN 1576584119

A biography of Howard Malmstadt, portraying the chemistry professor's work, personality, and his influence on the University of the Nations.

"Until that day, He seeks for men, for women, to follow His plans, including His plans for developing the University of the Nations and other Christian universities– of managing, of communicating, His ways of teaching, in community– in unity." (Howard Malmstadt, chapel service)

The University of Nations has its origin in the 70s when Loren Cunningham and other leaders received the words "modular education" in prayer. Howard Malmstadt, a chemistry professor, came to join them; he was always fascinated by the hands-on, modular approach that he had received his radio education during World War II. In 1977 YWAM bought an old hotel in Kona, Hawaii, and some years later the university started. Originally, it was called Pacific & Asia Christian University, but as more and more YWAM bases around the world joined, it was renamed University of the Nations. Today there are a multitude of courses in more than 550 locations world-wide.

Basic ideas:

  • Funding: staff non-salaried (see Personal Fundraising), with NGOs for prototyping until it can be sold to a commercial company.
  • Live & Learn: Students live on-campus. Relationship-oriented. Essence of university is community.
  • Know God & Make Him Known
  • Seeking God's will in prayer