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Example Bible Studies for DTS and Operation Year.

Bible Studies Used on Operation Year

Operation Year/Annum Bible Study - James

2000 words maximum

This essay should cover the following points:

  • Describe the major theme(s) in the Book
  • Provide a useful outline for studying the book
  • Demonstrate that you understand the reasons for the book being written and its historical setting
  • Briefly analyse the theme(s) in the book
  • Explain how what you have learnt from the book will help you to serve God in the work you are doing and in your personal life

You will find the book "How to Read the Bible for all its Worth" very helpful.

Please present your work neatly and include a final word count and bibliography.

Assessment Criteria

You must show the marker that you can:

  • Give an outline of the major themes and show that you understand the cultural setting of the book
  • Analyse the relevance of the theme in its historical setting and in contemporary society
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic teaching of your chosen book
  • Give examples of how you have reflected upon the biblical material and used it in your personal and working life

Operation Year/Annum Bible Study - the Psalms

Assignment 1

  • Classify all the Psalms according to their type (i.e. Laments)
  • What sections can be seen in a Lament type Psalm?
  • Explain the various structures in Hebrew Poetry and give examples

500 words maximum

Assignment 2

Psalm 57

  • Research the background of this Psalm
  • What type of Psalm is it?
  • Who wrote it?
  • What was the situation they were in?
  • Where they when they wrote it?
  • Break the Psalm into its main sections and summarise what the Psalmist was meaning then.
  • Section by section what can we learn from the Psalm/Psalmists attitude?
  • How would you share what you have learnt with a youth cell?

1,000 words maximum

Bible Studies Used on DTS

Bible Studies Used in Churches and Small Groups

Working for many years in churches with all different age ranges has led a few of us to do what we call 'back to front Bible study' in which we start, not with a Bible passage, but with a problem someone in the group is facing. Then we find a passage which addresses that issue and have the group ask the questions, "What does God expect me to do about this?" "What can I expect God to do?", and, "How are we to help one another?" A week later when we meet together again we listen to hear what happened. Either God turned up and good things happened, or, nothing happens and so we address the issue again until they have their answer.

The result is often that people grow in their confidence in God's activity in their lives and they want more!