Basic Communication Workshop

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A Basic Communication Workshop

Hopefull the first of many (BCW) will happen before CRIT (7-11 april 2008) and will be held in Buenos Airos, Argentina. It is open to all YWAM staff who are interested in improving their knowledge of communication. The workshop will be a hands-on time with lecture, discussion and sessions covering an overview of communication and a look at verbal, visual and written communications. Participants will learn many practical skills, such as how to write and design a base or personal newsletter or brochure, how to take a picture, public speaking, etc. On the final day, Betty Barnett, author of Friend Raising, will offer a support raising seminar addressing the challenges of fundraising in the participants' context.

Day 1 -- Overview of Communication: Lectures and discussion will be about basic communication, such as types of communication, godly principles in communication, the communication process and reasons for communication breakdown.

Day 2 -- Verbal Communication: Verbal communication includes topics such as interpersonal (face to face) communication, body language, telephone etiquette and public speaking. Participants will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned by giving a short speech or introduction.

Day 3 -- Written Communication: This day will cover Email and letter etiquette, and how to write newsletters, stories and brochures.

Day 4 -- Visual Communication: On this day participants will learn the importance of appearance and professionalism, basic visual principles, how to take a picture, how to shoot a video and how to lay out/design a brochure or newsletter.