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And Some... Evangelists
By: Roger Carswell
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ISBN 1857925122

Biblical Evangelism

This book is absolutely a great book for evangelists! It is written by an full time itinerant evangelist so you get the full taste of how it is to on the road every day reaching out to the lost. But it is not a traveling book. No it is a very biblical book!

Know Him

Roger Carswell put a really big emphasis on knowing God and His word! That is why he uses a lot of bible verses through out the book to show that what he says is inspired through God's word.


I really loved the parts in which he tells about the evangelists in the bible. There are many great examples! In the New and Old Testament! Also the depth of the message we share and how we share it is really great! Roger Carswell tells as well about the struggles evangelists go through. It is not easy, but it is worth all the effort and energy!

Be Aware

The Church needs to be more aware of evangelists! They certainly need to be!