Adding a new school or ministry location to the UofN and YWAM

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Add a New School or Location

Are you wondering how to get your school or your new ministry location added on the websites of YWAM and the University of the Nations, here are the directions on how to do that.

Adding a new YWAM school or ministry location

If you are part of team that is pioneering a new YWAM ministry or school location and if you would like to add your location to the YWAM database please check the list of guidelines. If you are ready to proceed, please ask a convener or elder from your area to send an email verifying that the new location meets the criteria to: (Andy Elliott, Database Team) or cforbes(at)

OR have them login into the update system ( and use the 'New Operating Location' form to start the approval process. They will need some basic information in order to complete the form such as:

  • Name of the Person who is Affirming / Commissioning / Authorizing the new location and their email address
  • Location Name
  • Director's Name
  • Director's Email Address
  • Location's Email Address
  • City and Country of the new location
  • Primary Language spoken at this location

Guidelines for listing a new YWAM ministry or school location (sometimes known as an "operating location"):

  1. Physically and financially separate from other YWAM locations.
  2. Recognized leadership by the senior YWAM leadership over the area.
  3. Permanent YWAM presence. Not a temporary location, such as a location organized for an event.

These are general guidelines, and we are flexible, especially on the question of financial separateness.

Information about updating location info at and (This includes schools and ministries that are part of an existing operating location - one that is already in the YWAM database system.)

We get about 40,000 visitors a month at, so it’s a great idea to list your location’s information and keep it current. You can update your information through the new Annual Update, a web-based survey which is currently in beta testing. Another way you can update your location information is by using your location’s individual log-in to the system. You can do this at any time during the year.

To edit your data or security settings please go to or go to and look for the words “Update Your Info” in small white letters at the very bottom of the page.

1) Your log-in is your location’s primary email address.

2) Your default password is your Go Code, but it may have been customized to something else. In that case, please try the lost password link: If you need help logging in, please send an email to (Andy Elliott, Database Team) or cforbes(at) I will be happy to re-set your log-in or password for you.

Adding or Registering your school with the University of the Nations (UofN)

The process for registering schools to with the UofN has changed. You will now need to use the new on-line system at Here you will find Form A,B and C which will allow you to register schools, students and grades on-line. You will need a new login for this system which you can obtain at Once you have registered they will setup a new account for you on that system. If you have any questions regarding the new UofN system please contact them at