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Financial Accounting Packages That Work, Really Work

Exact Online

Exact Online is a very interesting and helpful accounting program that YWAM Belgium have very successfully adopted.


  • Professional accounting system based on the decades of development of the Exact accounting package.
  • Multi-user (simultaneously). This allows many people to be trained to enter data and spreads the load.
  • Browser based (Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox 3.5 or Safari (Mac) 4.02) thus can run on any computer with a good internet connection. That means you can work on it from any computer connected to the internet!
  • Data is transmitted securely and stored in Holland in two data centres.
  • Simplest System most users have ever used: Suitable for people who are not bookkeepers or accountant with a little gentle training.
  • External accountants and auditors can be given special access to examine data thus reducing the need and cost of visits
  • Subscription software, good technical support


  • Suitable for Belgium and Dutch countries but it is very likely that this type of system will be developed for many other countries
  • When the internet connection is down it doesn't work - not suitable for Dial-up or poor quality internet connections.

Quickbooks Pro

Quickbooks is used by quite a few ministries.


  • Simple non-accounting front end that deals with deposits, checks, bills etc rather than debits and credits.
  • Multi-currency built in (in the PRO versions, both UK and USA/Canada variants)
  • Very easy to get detailed reports and 'find' transactions.


  • US and UK versions are not compatible. Choose your source before you get going. The file formats are different because of sales tax etc. Tip: If you do not use sales tax (VAT, BTW, MOMS etc) then the US version is much cheaper! I am using the US version in Europe